What is a BOC Orthotic Fitter?

BOC Orthotic Fitters (BOC COF) are qualified to provide and/or supervise the assessment, treatment plan development and implementation, follow-up, and practice management of people using prescribed prefabricated orthotics. BOC COFs are recognized professionally as having completed a rigorous education and training program that satisfies industry standards. The BOC COF Scope of Practice provides greater detail regarding the role of a BOC Certified Orthotic Fitter.

Profession Overview

What is orthotics? Orthotics is the practice of addressing medical conditions of the lower limbs, upper limbs and spinal anatomical structure. Orthotic devices aid patients in daily living by supporting weakened or abnormal limbs and joints.

What does an orthotic fitter do? Pursuant to a physician’s order, an orthotic fitter properly fits, dispenses and adjusts prefabricated orthotic devices. Trained and certified orthotic fitters are integral to the physical and emotional well-being of patients, providing training and instruction on how to properly use and maintain prefabricated orthotic devices.