Rage Sports Bracing Instagram Showcase #2

What is among the most cliche phrases in the English language?  “A picture can say a thousand words.” It’s a dime a dozen, if not out and out trite saying, but there’s a strong reason as to why it is still tossed around so casually: it’s true. We not only believe in that phrase, but also think that adding just a few words on top of the thousand doesn’t hurt in conveying a message that strongly touches it’s intended audience. In terms of making our audience respond well to our unique content, we ensure that the images we add motivational copy to are usually bright, positive, or sports themed.

Let’s go down the list to further delve into the images and their respective attached text.


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The truth.

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We earnestly believe in the tremendous wellness power of activities as simple as walking. The very act of walking is such a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, that it’s easy to take for granted – until that ability is sadly lost, or even handicapped.


A lot, if not most of our current online audience are Texas natives and football enthusiasts, so images such as this are meant to really interest them.


While we are football fans and like to reach out to fellow fans, we don’t discriminate on being enthusiastic for a wide variety of sports. Who doesn’t love Michael Jordan, after all?


Humor can be be very powerful in generating positive feelings in enthusiasts of physical activity.


We knew that our followers were primed on following thru with closing the door on 2018, and this image was geared towards fanning their flames of passion for what 2019 might bring.


“Out with the old, in with the new,” is yet another cliche saying that holds a ton of power. We knew that our customers and followers view the New Year as a clean slate that allows them to take into perspective about what did and didn’t work in regards to their overall health during 2018. Creating and improving on fitness goals is really important to our followers and customers.


It is pretty obvious that we love exercise, on top of providing products for those who love exercise – and those who don’t. We encourage everyone to engage with physical activity no matter their age!

There will be more images featured on the blog in the future.