Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

To ensure the finest care possible, as a Patient receiving Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services, you should understand your role, rights and responsibilities involved in your own plan of care.

Patient Rights
  • To select those who provide you with DME services
  • To receive the appropriate or prescribed services in a professional manner without discrimination relative to your age, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual preference or physical or mental handicap
  • To be treated with friendliness, courtesy and respect by each and every individual representing our DME, who provided treatment or services for you and be free from neglect or abuse, be it physical or mental
  • To assist in the development and preparation of your plan of care that is designed to satisfy, as best as possible, your current needs, including management of pain
  • To be provided with adequate information from which you can give your informed consent for commencement of services, the continuation of services, the transfer of services to another health care provider, or the termination of services
  • To express concerns, grievances, or recommend modifications to your DME and Pharmacy services, without fear of discrimination or reprisal
  • To request and receive complete and up-to-date information relative to your condition, treatment, alternative treatments, risk of treatment or care plans
  • To receive treatment and services within the scope of your plan of care, promptly and professionally, while being fully informed as to our Pharmacy’s policies, procedures and charges
  • To request and receive data regarding treatment, services, or costs thereof, privately and with confidentially
  • To be given information as it relates to the uses and disclosure of your plan of care
  • To have your plan of care remain private and confidential, except as required and permitted by law
Patient Responsibilities
  • To provide accurate and complete information regarding your past and present medical history
  • To agree to a schedule of services and report any cancellation of scheduled appointments and/or treatments
  • To participate in the development and updating of a plan of care
  • To communicate whether you clearly comprehend the course of treatment and plan of care
  • To comply with the plan of care and clinical instructions
  • To accept responsibility for your actions, if refusing treatment or not complying with, the prescribed treatment and services
  • To respect the rights of DME personnel
  • To notify your Physician and the DME with any complications
Responsabilidades y derechos del paciente

Para asegurar el mejor trato posible, como paciente al recibir un servicio con un equipo medico duradero (DME) servicios. Ud debe entender sus derechos y responsabilidades relacionadas en su plan de tratamiento.

Derechos del Paciente:
  • Seleccionar a quien le proveerá con el (DME) servicios.
  • Recibir los servicios apropiados o prescritos de una manera profesional, sin discriminación relacionada con su sexo, raza, religión, origen etnio, preferencia sexual o capacidades diferentes físicas o mentales.
  • Ser tratado con cortesía amabilidad y respeto por cada uno de los representantes de la DME. Que le provee de servicios y tratamientos y no ser tratado con abuso o negligencia, ya sean mentales o fiscas.
  • Ser provisto con infomación adecuada con la cual ud. puede autorizar el comiento de los servicios, la continuación de servicios la transferencia de servicios, alguna otra necesidad de salud. O la terminación de servicios.
  • Expresar preocupación. O recomenar modificaciones a su DME servicio, sin temor a represalias o discriminación.
  • Requerir y recibir información actual relacionada con su condición, tratamiento, tratamientos alternativos tratamientos de alto riesgo, o planes de tratamientos.
  • Requerir y recibir información relacionada con el tratamiento; servicios, o costos confidencialmente.
Responsabilades del Paciente
  • Proveer información completa y correcta relacionada con su historial médico presente y pasado.
  • Satisfacer el plan de tratamiento e instrucciones clínicas
  • Aceptar responsabilidad por jus acciones, si se rechaza el tratamiento, o no se cumple con el tratamiento y servicios prescritos.
  • Respetar los derechos del personal DME
  • Notificar a su médico y la DME con complicaciones.